Gaëlle de Laveleye
b. 1987, Brussels
Lives and works in Lisbon




Gaëlle de Laveleye
Member of the Otoco network

Gaëlle de Laveleye is a Belgian artist currently living and working in Lisbon.

She obtained a Master in Visual Arts at ERG, Brussels and has been exhibited in Belgium, China and Portugal.
Her work attempts to capture the vibration of the sacred and explores the invisible world, as intriguing and diverse it may appear. Animated by the magical pulse of organic and mineral elements, she works across various artistic fields like painting, engraving, ceramics and drawing.

Informed by the poetry of the oneiric realm and the demons of childhood, her investigation carefully oscillates between the individual and the universal, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the movement and the static.
Solo Shows

“Leap of faith”
[Part 2 — Open Lab]
@ Otoco Gallery
Lisbon, Portugal
31.01.2019 – 15.02.2019

“Leap of faith”
[Part 1 — Paintings]
@ Espaço Mercês
Lisbon, Portugal
24.01.2019 – 09.02.2019
Group Shows

“Woke Up Like This”
@ Otoco Gallery
Lisbon, Portugal
19.05.2018 – 30.06.2018

“Reserved Exposure” Immersive exhibition
Hotel Pestana CR7
Lisbon, Portugal

Engraving exhibition
@ Casa das Histórias Paula Rego
Cascais, Portugal
April 2018

Engraving exhibition
@ Xuyuan Art Centre
Beijing, China
March 2016

Lauréates of the Dacos Price
Liège, Belgium
Feb 2016

XXIVe Prix de la Gravure
@ Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée
La Louvière, Belgium
Oct 2015 – Feb 2016

Engraving exhibition
@ Boitsfort’s fine arts academy
Brussels, Belgium
2015 – 2014 – 2013

Parcours d’artiste de Saint-Gilles
Brussels, Belgium

Collective edition of etching, self-edited, 25p.,
May 2014

«de rien du tout»
Collective edition of etching, self-edited, 28p., May 2013

«La Chambre»
Soline de Laveleye & Gaëlle de Laveleye ; Editions Tétras-Lyre, April 2011